House Rules

**The Following is from the Garden City Realty Rental Agreement**


1. PROPERTY, FURNISHINGS, AND EQUIPMENT | The Flying Geese is privately owned. It has been furnished and equipped to meet your vacation needs and comfort. In an effort to ensure your return each year, we will consider any suggestion to make our home better-equipped for your needs. 

Aside from common wear and tear to the property and/or its contents, compensation for damages that occur as a result of willful neglect, intentional abuse or are in violation of Garden City Realty’s “Families Only” policy as outlined in the rental agreement are the responsibility of the occupying guests. Provisions for reported accidental damages are made possible within the Damage Waiver Fee.


3. LONG DISTANCE PHONE CALLS | For your convenience, local calls are included at The Flying Geese. Please charge all long distance calls to your home phone, credit card, or call collect.

4. OWNER'S CLOSET | Locked closets are reserved for the owner's private property. These areas are absolutely not included in this rental.

5. CLEANING POLICY | The Flying Geese includes linen and check-out maid service only. All guests must follow the departure guidelines below to ensure arriving guests will have a neat and clean vacation home to welcome them. 


·         Remove all food items.

·         Put all dishes in the dishwasher and start run cycle.

·         Remove linen from beds (leave on floor in bedroom where used) and put bedspreads back on beds.

·         Empty trash into outside containers under the house. Garbage pick-up is under the house.

·         Please do not put garbage can on street.

·         Double check to be sure no personal items are left behind.

·         Report any problems to Garden City Realty.

·         Suggestions: Please tell us how we can improve by completing our questionnaire or calling 1-843-651-2121 Ext. 0 and the owner will be notified.

6. FAMILIES ONLY | The Flying Geese is designed for family use only. We do not tolerate house parties. House parties are considered, but not limited to, chaperoned or un-chaperoned church, college, high school, or similar groups of young adults, whether or not they are related. Any misrepresentation on the part of the renter will render the contract null and void and guests will be asked to leave and forfeit all monies. If you have any questions, please contact Garden City Realty before you send in your deposit.

7. REPAIRS | Report problems to Garden City Realty's Maintenance Department as soon as possible at 1-843-651-2121 Ext. 250 or 0.

Reservations cancelled more than 30 days prior to arrival date will receive a refund equal to 80 percent of the reservation deposit; only after the reserved property has been re-rented for the full amount of the original reservation. Reservations cancelled within 30 days of arrival forfeit all refunds, unless the property is re-rented for the full amount of the original reservation.

9. TERMINATION OF RENTAL | Violation of these conditions and rules may result in the termination of this agreement. Upon notice of termination, you will be asked to immediately check out, without refund.

This agreement may not be re-assigned or subleased to another individual/party without prior consent by Garden City Realty.

11. ENTRY |
During reasonable hours it is occasionally necessary for a Garden City Realty employee to enter a vacation property for any purpose connected to the repair, care or management of a property.

12. PETS Sorry, pets are not allowed under any circumstances.

13. NO HOUSE PARTIES (see #6 above)

Charcoaling is absolutely prohibited from porches and/or balconies. Use only designated grilling areas safe for charcoaling.

The energy and natural resources saved today belong to you, now and tomorrow. Please turn off all lights, heat, air conditioning, televisions and turn off all water faucets when not in use. Garden City Realty is a proud community leader in the effort to conserve energy and our natural resources.

A $50.00 service charge applies to guests locked-out of a property and requiring assistance after business hours.

17. NO CAMPERS, MOTOR HOMES, OR MOTORCYCLES are allowed on the premises.

18. KEY PICK UP | Unless arrangements have been made in advance, no one can pick up a key except the renter.

19. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY | The Flying Geese is privately owned and the owner reserves the right to refuse services to anyone and will not be responsible for accidents or personal injury to guests or for loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind.

A deposit of one-half the base rent is due at time of booking by Mastercard or Visa only. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. If payment is not received in full by that date, the remaining balance will be charged to the credit card used for the deposit.

All reservations are subject to South Carolina Sales and Accommodation Taxes plus a $50.00 reservation fee (monthly reservations do not apply).

Lodging Fee:  A fee of $1.00 per night’s stay applies to all reservations.


For more information, call Toll Free 1-866-337-7281
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